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Lab Model Blister Packaging Machine

Lab Model Blister Packaging Machine

Cold form blister packs are manufactured by sandwiching aluminum foil between Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and nylon (oPA) films using dry bond lamination technology. The film laminate is simply pressed into a mold by a stamp without applying heat. Thus the material is called cold forming blister laminate. Automatic blister packing machine is used for both Cold Forming blister packing machine (ALU/ALU) & Thermo Forming blister packaging machine (PVC/ALU) is suitable for large production.

Advantages of thermoforming blister packaging machine:

  • The most basic material for the forming web is PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride, for ease of thermoforming and low cost.
  • The product can be visually examined through the transparent plastic. The fault blister card can be rejected vie the inspecting camera or naked eyes.
  • Because the cavity or pocket contain the item snugly, it can adopt the universal feeder which consists of circular brushes and planetary agitators that sweep the products into blister pockets. Parts are not required for different formats. This feeder is noted for its low cost and ease of operation.

The disadvantages of thermoforming blister packing machine:

  • The protective properties are not strong because of the PVC’s poor barrier against moisture and oxygen ingress.
  • Not suitable for light-sensitive drugs because of the transparency of PVC.
  • Aluminum/aluminum blister pack: adopts cold forming aluminum film and lidding material of aluminum foil. In this case, an aluminum-based laminate film is simply pressed into a mold by means of a stamp. The aluminum will be elongated and maintain the formed shape. After the filling, the formed aluminum film arrives in the sealing station to be sealed with lidding aluminum foil.

The advantages of cold forming machine

  • The use of aluminum offers a nearly complete barrier for moisture, light and oxygen, allowing an extended product expiration date.

The disadvantages of the Cold Forming Blister Packing Machine:

  • The slower speed of production compared to thermoforming;
  • The package is opaque, making the inspecting system, which rejects the faulty blister card, complicated and costly.
  • The cost of cold forming aluminum film is higher than PVC.
  • The larger size of the blister card (aluminum cannot be formed with near 90 degree angles) increases the material cost.
  • Because the cavity or pocket is larger than the drug, the feeder should be dedicated. this increases the cost and difficulty of operation.
  • Larger size of the cold forming blister pack compared to thermoforming blister pack.
  • Aluminum/plastic/aluminum blister pack: adds one tropical aluminum forming station and a second sealing station to allow the aluminum/plastic (thermoforming) blister package to be sealed with formed tropical aluminum again.

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