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Transfer panels have become popular within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry because of their singular ability to accommodate multi-flow transfers, keeping the operator in safe conditions. A typical transfer panel is fabricated from a ¼ ‘ thick 304 / 316L grade stainless steel plate. Connections are welded to the panel front to mate with the port-to-port jumpers (or “U” bends). The ports are designed in a required process transfer sequence and located to precise tolerances.

Working principle

Provide a common point to transfer a process stream from one process equipment or unit operation to another.

Provide a physical disconnect when transferring various process streams. This reduces the possibility of cross-contamination especially under CIP conditions.

The use of stainless-steel jumpers eliminates temporary connections such as flexible hoses which are difficult to maintain in a hygienic condition and can be a safety concern when steam sterilizing.

Combination of jumpers and proximity switches on the panel provide permissive signals to the plant control system to confirm the correct set up of connections or “U” bends and assure the flow passages for critical operations such as C.I.P. and S.I.P.

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