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Vial filling and closing machines

Vial filling and closing machines

Vial filling and closing machines


Our vial filling and closing machines are custom designed for filling, stoppering, and sealing of vials for sterile applications including vaccines and injectable products. They are suitable for both liquid and lyophilized products.  

  • Compact footprint and custom designed layout based on end user requirements.
  • Versatile and modular design to adapt to different containers and closure types to ensure a high degree of flexibility over a wide range of products and applications.
  • High filling accuracy.
  • User friendly operator interface (HMI).
  • Parameter adjustments from HMI (filling volume, recipes, etc.).
  • Half stopper application or complete stopper application (dependent on product requirements).
  • Automatic unloading of vials onto trays or nest, or in-line connection with downstream equipment.
  • Low energy consumption with the ability to work for prolonged periods.
  • Easy cleaning of all working surfaces.
  • High production rate (10-400 vials/min) and line efficiency.

Vial Closing

Our capping and sealing machines are designed for the application of various closures and seals on glass and plastic vials.

  • Possibility of being equipped with a variety of different closing heads, either mechanical clutches or servo motors to handle: pressure caps (plugs, droppers, & dosing caps)
  • Possibility of providing different types of sealing system for aluminum sealing: conventional rotary heads, pressure rotary sealing heads against a fixed blade, independent blade rotary heads, and crimping heads for low particle generation (recommended for aseptic processing)
  • Compact design and footprint
  • Optimized design and structure to allow easy cleaning for all working surfaces due to the absence of dead zones and corners
  • Simple orientation, quick change-overs, and low maintenance
  • Low energy consumption with the ability to work for prolonged periods
  • High production rate and line efficiency
  • Easy operator control
  • Compliant with 21 CFR part 11 FDA guideline
  • User friendly touch screen operator interface (HMI)
  • Production capacity from 30 – 600 vials/minute


  • Inline connection to upstream and downstream equipment
  • Container feeding from unscrambling units, rotary or bi-flow tables, depending on the process, and layout configuration
  • Vacuum stoppering for oxygen sensitive products
  • Intermediate tank with level controller using weighing cells
  • Half stopper application
  • Closure presence control and automatic rejection systems
  • Statistical or 100% IPC
  • Nitrogen purging before, after, during, and after the filling operation
  • CIP/SIP functionalities
  • Integration with conventional LAF units or RABS
  • Preparation for isolation technology
  • Remote assistance
  • Documentation packages for complete system validation
  • Inline connection with our automatic inspection systems for inspection of particulate matter, leak, or cosmetic defects.

Filling Types

Filling type is chosen based on product characteristics and end user requirements.

  • Rotary piston pumps (standard)
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Mass flow meters
  • Time-pressure filling system
  • Custom dosing systems

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