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Acumen AI utilises next generation, deep learning video analysis and is designed and developed by Ash. Automatically identify, detect, classify, measure and count a wide range of part defects. Implementing the power of Acumen AI will significantly increase production efficiency, eliminate human error and increase production throughput.

Utilise the power of Acumen AI to develop your own machine learning models for your parts, for your needs.Alternatively, tell us the problem and we can develop a complete Turnkey AI Solution.


  • Return on Investment

Acumen AI will significantly increase throughput and reduce material waste. It will also reduce inspection costs and overheads. Inspect critical parts in milliseconds. Remove operator error, eliminate risk, avoid product recalls and protect your reputation. Acumen AI will pay for itself and provide significant return on investment.

  • Self-Training

Master your own destiny. Train Acumen AI for what you want, when you want. Train and develop your own complex programs to rapidly identify defects and meet your specific needs. Acumen AI is intuitive, easy to train, simple to learn.


  • Autonomous

Automate your process. Remove subjectivity and eliminate human error. Increase efficiency. Integrate robots and cobots and free valuable resources to work on other projects.

  • Data Reporting

Gather data for continuous learning and process improvement. Generate in-depth detailed reports directly from Acumen AI. Output images, failure statistics and custom data reports to improve statistical process control.

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