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BD BACTEC FX Instruments

BD BACTEC FX Instruments

BD BACTEC™ FX Instruments

The BACTEC™ FX blood culturing instruments used with patented resin-containing media have shown higher rates of organism recovery, allowing for proper diagnosis and treatment of bloodstream infections.

The BD BACTEC™ FX builds on the proven superior fluorescence detection technology, exceptional media performance and instrument reliability of the BD BACTEC™ 9000 blood culture systems.


The most efficient, intuitive workflow for reduced hands-on time


The most compact, innovative system design for maximum ergonomics and laboratory space utilization


Intelligent cutting-edge data management with enhanced blood culture observation in and out of the laboratory for reduced workflow and optimized communication of preliminary or final results to care givers

The BD BACTEC™ FX system is designed for performance, efficiency, ease of use and flexibility - keeping pace with the rapidly changing needs of the laboratory. The system can streamline workflow and minimize process steps - two factors which are key to reducing labour costs.

The most common configuration of the FX is a two-module system designed as a stack. The stack contains four drawers, each with a 100-vial capacity. Smaller volume laboratories can choose a single, top-unit system. For high volume capacity, multiple (up to 20) stack/top-units can be seamlessly integrated into a single system using BD EpiCenter™. Existing BD BACTEC™9120/9240 instruments can also be easily combined with BD BACTEC™ FX modules via BD EpiCenter™. The annual maximum through-put on a 5 day protocol is 14.600 vials for one top-unit system and 29.200 vials for one stack, respectively.

Data management of patient information is possible through a bi-directional interface with the BD EpiCenter™ Data Management System which in turn can be connected to the LIS; alternatively, the BACTEC™ FX system can be connected directly to LIS.


  • Unique vial activation - the instrument knows from the user’s first action with a vial what the next step should be
  • Enhanced visual indicators inside and outside the drawers
  • Central touch screen on each stack or top unit
  • Barcode scanner on each unit for improved accessibility/functionality
  • Instant bottle and instrument status recognition
  • Simultaneous multi-user operation and information access at each stack or top unit
  • Minimum maintenance and training
  • Maximum capacity with minimum footprint
  • Optimal vial reach

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