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BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test

BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test

BD SurePath™ liquid-based Pap test

The BD SurePath™ Liquid-based Pap Test offers a simple method to collect cervical samples and send 100% of the cells to the laboratory.
Just drop and send. No need to swish, swirl or count.

100% of cells for the lab

The test features two-in-one brushes with detachable heads, and ethanol-based vials that preserve samples and ensure that 100% of the cells arrive at the lab.

Cell enrichment

The unique BD cell enrichment process separates and removes blood, mucus and interfering materials from the sample, transferring only the most diagnostically relevant material to the slide.

Reduced unsats and patient recalls

As a result of both the sample collection method (that sends 100% of cells to the lab, well-preserved) and cell enrichment (that removes all debris), the test exhibits lower unsats than any other method, decreasing patient callbacks and sample reprocessing.

Increased abnormal cell detection

After the steps from collection to cell enrichment, the result is a clear presentation of cells to increase HSIL+ detection compared to that of conventional pap slides.

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