BCP-O2 Oxygen Analyzer

The BCP-O2 is an in-situ gas sensor for the analysis of oxygen in bioprocessing. Hardly any other element is so thoroughly connected to life as oxygen is. Its measurement plays a central role in the control of biological processes. With this favourably priced O2 analyzer the oxygen content can be determined online in an uncomplicated and reliable manner. This oxygen analyzer makes process optimisation in bioprocessing efficient and precise.

The application fields of BCP-O2 are most complex - be it in the bioreactor or also in the fermenter, or in the laboratory for the scale up application, or also at an industrial scale. The BCP-O2 oxygen sensor is favourably priced and is already used in many places in parallel bioreactors.

The mode of operation of this oxygen analyzer has already proven itself innumerable times. Maintenance is not only foolproof but the costs are very low, too. The resistant casing and the sound finish of this space-saving analyzer is convincing and it measures exactly on the spot where processing takes place. No matter where the bioprocess takes place, be it in the glass flask, the stainless steel fermenter or when using disposables - the BCP-O2 series is always the right solution.

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