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Order Fulfilment

Order Fulfilment

What is Third Party Logistics (3PL)?

Third-party logistics (3PL) involves the outsourcing of fulfilment related operations to an external partner. Areas often include storage of goods, inventory management, order picking, packing and shipment of orders.

Many organisations partner with an external source to fulfil these tasks as they can often be costly, time consuming and complex to manage in-house.

If you are struggling to manage your orders, working with a 3PL can help speed up the fulfilment process allowing you to spend time valuable time on product development and growing your business.

Europlaz’s Medical 3PL Offering

At Europlaz we can assist you with your entire logistical process from manufacturing, storage, picking to shipping.

As our experience lies with medical devices and our 3PL service focuses on medical devices only, we understand the stringent processes which need to be put in place. After we have manufactured your product we will provide you with a comprehensive order fulfilment process that includes suitable storage solutions, order fulfilment, transparent inventory control and product traceability.

Our software integrates with many popular e-commerce platforms, providing you with real-time stock management and tracking. What’s more, because we deal with multiple carriers, we can negotiate the best price and service for your goods, anywhere in the world.

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