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Prefillable Luer Lock Glass Syringes

Prefillable Luer Lock Glass Syringes

Prefillable Luer Lock Glass Syringes

Gx® bulk and Gx RTF® format

Gx® bulk prefillable luer lock glass syringes are washed, sterilized, and filled by the customer. For this form, there is a division of labor between the primary packaging manufacturer and the pharmaceutical industry where we provide the unsterilized luer lock glass syringe bodies in flat trays (Rondo trays). 

Gx RTF® prefillable luer lock glass syringes are washed, siliconized, pre-assembled with tip caps or the patented Gerresheimer Gx TELC® closure systems and sterilized with ethylene oxide (EtO) by Gerresheimer Medical Systems. This means we deliver the prefillable glass luer lock syringe completely prepared for aseptic filling. 

Gx RTF® syringes are packed in nests for easy handling and filling. These nests are suitable for all usual filling systems. Gx RTF® syringes are nested by:

  • 100 nest (10x10) for 0.5 ml, 1.0 ml long and 1.0 – 3.0 ml
  • 160 nest (10x16) for 0.5 ml und 1.0 ml long

Syringe sizes from 0.5 ml to 3.0 ml (additional formats upon request)

The high-quality prefillable Gx® bulk and Gx RTF® luer lock glass syringes are produced from type I glass. The prefillable luer lock glass syringes are available in syringe sizes from 0.5 ml to 3.0 ml (individual solutions on request).

Various closure systems

Tip Cap


EtO-sterilizable rubber formulas:EtO-sterilizable rubber formulations from Aptar Stelmi, Datwyler and West


Tamper Evident Luerlock Closure

EtO-sterilizable rubber formulations from Aptar Stelmi, Datwyler and West

Advantages Gx TELC®

  • Patented integrated luer lock closure system 
  • Luer lock adapter with tamper-evident property
  • Convenient and intuitive opening caused by soft touch surface and easy grip design
  • No unintentional pop off
  • Manufactured of polycarbonate (Luer Lock adapter) and medical grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (sealing cap with tamper-evident flags) using two-component injection molding
  • TPE parts offer color coding of the syringe
  • Insert is made of pharmaceutical rubber, formulations from Aptar Stelmi, Datwyler and West available
  • Specified opening and spinning forces
  • Fulfills ISO 594 requirements
  • Steam-, gamma- and EtO-sterilization possible

Round and cut finger flanges

We offer the Gx® bulk and Gx RTF® prefillable luer lock glass syringes with round (small and standard) and cut finger flanges.

Various options for siliconization

Baked-on siliconization for the reduction of free silicone oil

Siliconization is critical to ensure reliable function of prefillable luer lock syringes. It ensures optimal syringe performance for delivering medications. Thanks to the hydrophobicity of the silicon layer, potential interaction between the glass and the drug formula is reduced. As a standard, our prefillable glass syringes are spray-siliconized using diving nozzle technology in order to ensure an even coating with the smallest possible amount of silicone oil. We also offer our Gx® Baked-on RTF® glass syringes, which are patented in Europe and the USA for the packaging of sensitive biotechnological medications that may interact with free silicone oil droplets. In this procedure, a silicone oil emulsion is applied to the inner surface of the syringe body and subsequently thermally fixated on the surface by heating. This significantly reduces the number of free silicone oil droplets. Despite the considerably reduced amount of silicone oil, the prefillable syringes offer reliable hydrophobic properties and especially low breakout and gliding forces that remain stable throughout the storage period.

Advantages of the Gx Baked-on RTF® syringes

  • Reduced interaction risk between drug formulation and silicone oil 
  • Drastically reduced amount of silicone oil droplets below the visibility threshold
  • Masking and inactivation of the glass surface 
  • Long-term stable, evenly distributed, and chemically inert lubricity coating
  • Very even break loose and gliding force profile
  • Ensures optimal functionality and drug formula stability over the period of medication storage
  • Patented in Europe and USA

Various possibilities for printing

For the individual printing of the glass syringe body of the prefillable luer lock syringe we offer the most varied possibilities for printing such as metal-free paints, ceramic printing on glass, various designs of graduation, dose mark, various colors and other options on request.

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