GlycoMar Limited

GlycoMar Limited

European Centre for Marine Biotechnology
Dunstaffnage Marine Laboratory
Dunbeg, Oban,Argyll,Scotland,PA37 1QA

Glycobiology Analytical Services

Glycobiology Analytical Services

GlycoMar specialist analytical laboratory has been established to provide compositional analysis of saccharide molecules, including glycosaminoglycans. We can also offer full structural analysis of GAGs by NMR.

GlycoMar offers a range of glycobiology services - consultancy built on 20 years commercial R&D experience. GlycoMar’s knowledge brings together a unique combination of expertise derived from in-house and collaborative programmes. We have access to wide range of contacts in the field of glycobiology analytical services research, natural product development and commercialisation, encompassing academic, small business, large multinational organisation as well as CRO’s and other service companies.





Molecular weight and purity determination by HPLC with PDA and/or RI detection

Monosaccharide analysis

Monosaccharide composition analysis of purified materials by GC-MS

Disaccharide analysis

Disaccharide composition analysis of glycosaminoglycans by HPLC-PDA

Linkage analysis

Polysaccharide linkage analysis by methylation analysis

Fourier Transform Infra Red spectroscopy

FTIR analysis of purified materials by GC-MS

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)

Structural determination of glycosaminoglycans

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