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FilterMate Portable Exhausters

FilterMate Portable Exhausters

FilterMate Portable Exhausters

An accessory for the Demonstration Hood, XPert Balance Enclosure, Protector XVS Ventilation Station or Protector Work Station, the FilterMate uses a HEPA filter, carbon-based filter or a combination of both filters to remove hazardous powders, particulates or vapors from the exhaust air stream, returning filtered air to the environment. No ducting to the outside is required.

FilterMate Portable Exhausters are available in models that use a HEPA filter, a carbon filter or both HEPA and carbon filters. Labconco ventilation specialists use an exclusive computerized modeling program that compares NIOSH data with your chemical usage to determine the right filter cell(s) for your application.


  • Compact, corrosion-resistant housing of glacier white and light gray, dry powder, epoxy-coated steel with rubber feet fits easily on a countertop, floor or shelf next to the enclosure.
  • HEPA filter, 99.99% efficient on particulates 0.3 micron (on models with HEPA filter). Models for use with HEPA filter have a true bag-in bag-out filter disposal system for safely removing and replacing the filter without detaching the hose. The HEPA filter may be easily accessed by removing the exhaust cover for field leak testing by a certifier.
  • Variable speed, non-sparking motorized impeller may be adjusted to optimize airflows.
  • Quiet operation. Oversized HEPA filter, efficient impeller and unique perforated exhaust cover work together to provide low noise pressure levels.
  • Inherently safe design. A negative pressure plenum surrounds the positive pressure impeller so that if a leak occurs, the unfiltered air is captured and refiltered.
  • Sized for Demonstration Hoods, XPert Balance Enclosures, Protector XVS Ventilation Stations and Protector Work Stations, the FilterMate is capable of efficiently filtering up to 250 CFM for HEPA or carbon filtration; up to 200 CFM for combination HEPA/carbon filtration (60-100 fpm depending on enclosure model).
  • Front-mounted rocker switch controls power to the blower.
  • Rear-mounted auxiliary electrical outlet may be connected to an airflow monitor or other user-supplied accessories.
  • Only one FilterMate is required for all 2', 3' and 4' wide x 22.75" high enclosures. Each FilterMate provides 100 fpm face velocity for 2', 3' or 4' enclosure.
  • 8 feet of 5" ID gray flexible hose, two clamps and a 5" OD Upper Transition Adaptor for connection to Demonstration Hood, XPert Balance Enclosure, Protector XVS Ventilation Station or Protector Work Station is included.
  • IEC 3-wire electrical cord with plug.


  • International electrical configuration.
  • Models are available for use with a HEPA filter for particulate contaminant removal, with a carbon filter for gaseous contaminant removal, or with a combination of both filters. Models for use with a HEPA filter include the HEPA filter. Models for use with a carbon filter require purchase of the filter (sold separately).
  • Models designed for connection to an existing house exhaust system when ducting back into the room is not desired.

Required Accessories

Carbon Filter (Models for use with carbon filter only). Models for use with a carbon filter require an Organic Vapor Cell, Formaldehyde Impregnated Cell, or Ammonia Impregnated Cell. Combination models can support the use of two carbon filters by removing the HEPA filter.

Optional Accessories

• Thimble Connection Kit for exhausting the FilterMate to a house exhaust system.
• Replacement HEPA Filter.
• Replacement Bag for HEPA Filter Bag-In/Bag-Out.

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