Powder Blending Equipment

Contract manufacturing activities:

Mixing activities of pharmaceutical powders and liquids.

Contract packing activities:

Pharmaceutical Sachet packing of powders and liquids.

Powder Blending:

The Powder blending facility is fully equipped to handle powders in a controlled way. From sampling to powder blending, everything is performed under a controlled atmosphere. Temperature, humidity and relative pressure are regulated. Dust aspiration units are available.

Patented granulation technology - Proprietary developments, API solubility Enhancement:

Laboratoria Smeets uses a patented granulation technology for improving water solubility of API’s, most innovative for treating Constipation, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis. Also is available for distribution and stability studies.

Other Products

Sachet Packing Machine

Water-Soluble Granules

Twin Screw Granulator