Vibro Separator & Filter

The main characteristics of Lao Soung Vibro-Separator & Filter include:

L-Shape Sieve Frame- Lao Soung pioneered unique L-shape sieve frame. The L-shape design reduces inconvenience and time consumed in changing screens. The unique design allows thirty minute of replacement time to be reduced to ten minutes.

Larger Affective Sieving Area- Larger affective sieving area gives higher performance than other designs keeping the screen diameter same.

Supporting Screen Design - It is designed to provide the maximum support for screens, especially for the finer screens. As a result, the fine screen can be used longer and maintenance cost could be reduced. Furthermore, less times replacing the screens means fewer disturbances in production flow.

Lao Soung Machinery provides a whole range of vibratory separator and filter and vibrating screen that can meet various requirements in all kinds of industries.

Multi-Deck Vibro-Separator & Filter

  • Frame diameter from 600mm to 1500mm
  • Up to 4 layers of screens
  • Special designs and accessories available for special needs

Vibro-Separator & Filter

  • Frame diameter: 450mm, 300mm available
  • N type, NW type screen frame
  • Compact & portable design
  • Easy to clean and assemble
  • Noiseless

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