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Circle Feeder

Circle Feeder

Circle Feeder

Circle Feeder Fast Facts

The Circle Feeder is used to reliably discharge all types of granular materials. The unique design can feed sticky, fluffy, lumpy, flaky, and fibrous materials without issues of bridging and ratholing in the hopper.

Every Circle Feeder we provide is specifically designed and engineered to achieve your specific process requirements.

  • Prevent Bridging
  • Achieve Mass Flow
  • Prevent Ratholing
  • Low Noise
  • Prevent Segregation
  • Low Maintenance

The Circle Feeder has a variety of features but widely known for its ability to prevent material arching, bridging, and ratholing.

In 1997 LCI Corporation formed a partnership with Yoshikawa Corporation. As a result of our partnership, LCI is the exclusive supplier to the process industries in North and South America for Yoshikawa's unique, patented Circle Feeder, the best solution for many difficult-to-flow solid materials.

Clients in the Americas who are interested in evaluating the Circle Feeder are welcome to contact LCI to discuss your application, obtain pricing, and set up trials at the LCI Test Center.

Features and Benefits

  • Consistent discharge rate
  • The large inlet exceeds most materials' critical arching diameter, preventing bridging. No ratholing!
  • The slow rotating vanes move the material radially from the center to the outlet ensuring "first in -first out" mass flow
  • Slow rotating parts insure gentle product handling and minimum downtime
  • Turndown ratio up to 10:1
  • Low maintenance
  • Both discharging and metering functions

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