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Rotary Weighing Filler

Rotary Weighing Filler

Packon knows the sufferings of the customer from big deviation of filling amount.

The solution to this problem is net weight filling system.

Packon Rotary Weighing Filler series are rotary net weight fillers model that use the net weight filling system. Every filling station has a weighing plate over an electronic load cell. This is connected to an independent controller linked to the main processor designed by packon to achieve high filling accuracy of ±0.1%.

Net weight filling system involves real time weighing and display of the current volume on the operation panel ( after tare weight calibration of the bottle ).

Uncontrolled giveaway of product from filling deviation and the accumulated cost associated with this product loss is a significant consideration when investing in high speed filling equipment.

The Packon RWF is now available to meet all of filling requirements.

Filling Method for the Weighmetric Filling Machine:

The RWF model is a net weight filling system using either gravity or low pressure filling processes. An independent weigher and controller for each filling station work together throughout the 2 step filling process. Controlled by a PLC, the weighing controller that opens and closes the filling valves. The final filled weight is also sent to the PLC and the operation panel for evaluation to accept or reject the filled bottle.

Another advantage of the rotary filling machine model is that the filling nozzles do not come into contact with the product ( i.e. it is contact free filling). This means that the possibility of contamination from a contaminated bottle is eliminated.

Internet Service

Packon ensures you have a back-up with an internet system diagnosis and correction process. Through the use of a web cam, it will also allow for remote site - operator assistance.


  • Equipped with industrial panel PC and color touch screen
  • Easy connection to supervision system
  • User - friendly interface with illustrated operation keys and simple selection from preset   parameters
  • Bar graph display of real time filling
  • Resetting of weighing stations every carousel revolution
  • Self detection of false filling with warning signal and auto rejection
  • Auto - evaluation of final weight with target weights & auto correction for following cycle
  • Production data available as an Excel file ( Final weights, Average, Min & Max, Standard deviation, Sigma value and others... )
  • Classified access level with password for data protection
  • Auto - sampling of filling stations for Quality Control purposes
  • Individual on - board weighing processor ( PK 2006 ) for each weighing station
  • And many other features

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