Rotary Weighing Filler

Packon RWF series are rotary filler models that use the net weight filling principle. Every filling station has a weighing plate over an electronic load cell. This is connected to an independent controller linked to the main processor designed by packon
to achieve high filling accuracy of +/-0.1%

Net weight filling involves real time weighing and display of the current volume on the operation panel ( after tare weight calibration of the bottle ). The 2-step filling process is done first by a second fine flow to achieve a high filling accuracy up to the last drop.

Uncontrolled giveaway of product from filling deviation and the accumulated cost associated with this product loss is a significant consideration when investing in high speed filling equipment.


  • Equipped with industrial panel PC and color touch screen
  • Easy connection to supervision system
  • User - friendly interface with illustrated operation keys and simple selection from preset parameters
  • Bar graph display of real time filling
  • Resetting of weighing stations every carousel revolution
  • Self detection of false filling with warning signal and auto rejection
  • Auto - evaluation of final weight with target weights & auto correction for following cycle
  • Production data available as an Excel file
    ( Final weights, Average, Min & Max, Standard deviation, Sigma value and others... )
  • Classified access level with password for data protection
  • Auto - sampling of filling stations for Quality Control purposes
  • Individual on - board weighing processor ( PK 2006 ) for each weighing station

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