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Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine

Full automatic tube filling & sealing machine for PE, Laminated and/or Aluminum tubes.

It offers accurate filling & secure sealing condition for wide range of tube application as like : medical ointment, tooth paste, cosmetic creams, shampoo, sauces and many others in laminated, PE (polyethylene) and/or Aluminum tubes.

Application of Tube Filling Sealing Machines:

  • Medicines (ointment, tooth paste & etc.)
  • Cosmetics (hair dye, shampoo & etc.)
  • Liquid foods (soybean paste, mustard & etc.)
  • Liquid chemicals (silicone, adhesive & etc.)

Features of Automatic Tube Filling Machine:

  • Precise dosing and secure sealing quality
  • High production efficiency with a reliable tube print orientation
  • Mechanical cam drive ensure smooth running without noise

Application types : Polyethylene, Laminate tube (Hot air sealing type),
  Aluminum tube (Folding type)
  * Double folding as standard
  * Reverse Saddle Back folding as optional
Tube size : Length: 40-250mm, Diameter: φ10-60
Capacity : up to 60-80 pcs/min
Filling range : 3-380 mℓ (with change parts for different sizes)
Power consumption : φ3 x 220V/d80V x 60 Hz, 6Kw
  (for PE or laminated tube Hot air sealing type) φ3x220V/380V x 0Hz, 3Kw (Folding type)
Compressed air consumption : 5 kg/㎠, 150 Nℓ/min
Dimension : 1,460 (W) x 1,100 (D) x 2,000 (H) mm

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