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Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Systems

Benchtop Dot Peen Marking Systems

The Automator line of dot peen marking systems makes marking easier than ever before. These programmable marking machines use the revolutionary AC500 touchscreen controller for setup and data input. Use one system for marking anything in your shop: parts, tooling, metal tags and nameplates.

High quality marking on metal or plastic materials

Manual or automatic data entry options eliminate marking errors

Fixtures attach easily to the base for fast and consistent part positioning

Easy Part & Tag Marking

The sturdy tool stand and base hold the marking head, the air filter/regulator, and fixturing to hold your parts or tags during marking. The base is made of slotted aluminum extrusion for easy attachment and positioning of various fixtures.

The vertical position of the marking head can be adjusted with the manual adjustment wheel or an optional programmable Z axis for marking in hard-to-reach areas. When configured as a “combo” unit, a marking head with a portable kit can be easily removed from the stand with two hand knobs.

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