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Pannier Corporation

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Wide Web Flexographic Printers

Wide Web Flexographic Printers

Pannier has over a century of experience in designing and manufacturing custom flexographic printers for printing text and logos on all types of materials. Printers can be designed for printing on narrow or wide web materials, slow or fast moving production lines, horizontal or vertical pass configurations, and top or bottom mounting arrangements.

Ideal for in-line logo and text printing on building materials, metal sheet, and textiles

Easy to operate and adjust for maintaining optimal print quality

Friction-driven printers accommodate variable line speeds up to 1,000 feet/minute (300 meters/minute)

Built to Suit Your Production Needs

Pannier flexographic printers are custom-built specifically for your application. Each printer is designed and built to meet the exact requirements of the individual customer.  We can design and manufacture mounting structures and control systems for automatic operation on your production line.

From concept to installation, Pannier works closely with you to ensure that all requirements are met.

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