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SureTemp Premium-Performance Metalized Pallet Cover

SureTemp Premium-Performance Metalized Pallet Cover

Radiant Barrier

SureTemp® Premium-Performance Metalized Pallet Cover is designed to provide short-term protection of products against low-duration exposure of extreme temperatures during the shipping cycle at origin, destination, and at transshipment points.

The outer layer of the SureTemp® Premium-Performance Metalized Pallet Cover is made of reflective metalized film, which provides protection against solar radiation. Inside is an advanced single layer bubble insulation between two layers of clear polyethylene, designed to reduce heat transfer through conduction


The SureTemp® Premium-Performance Metalized Pallet Cover is available in both U.S. and Euro pallet sizes. U.S. stock cover heights are 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”. Euro pallet stock heights are 91cm, 122cm, 152cm and 183cm. Protek Pharma Worldwide also manufactures this product in customized sizes. This product can be used separately or combined with other SureTemp® products for additional cold chain protection.


Specifically engineered to provide radiant, convection & conduction heat transfer protection from both heat & cold. Provides excellent protection against temperature excursions in extreme ambient temperatures.


Lightweight in construction, this straightforward design is oversized to fit standard sized pallet loads, and is equipped with a specialized slip-additive” for easy installation.

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