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AboutProtek Cargo

Worldwide Manufacturing

Protek Cargo has become an industry leader of cold chain protection, offering a range of passive insulating products designed to reduce your company's reliance on refrigerated units and provide both financial savings and environmental benefits without compromising the integrity of temperature sensitive products.

What We Do

Temperature Experts

All SureTemp products are created using specifically engineered and researched materials that provide your shipments with radiant, convection and conduction protection from both heat and cold. We offer a full line of insulating products for Airfreight, Ground, Intermodal and Ocean transportation, from single pallet shipments to entire containers.

Our Advantage

Manufactured In House

All products are designed and manufactured in house, enabling superior quality assurance and competitive pricing. We study the science behind insulation and partner with leading research organizations to test ideas, products, and practices for loading and shipping. Our engineering staff performs extensive testing on all materials and final products to produce extremely efficient products.

Our Process

How We Conduct Business

Customer Needs

The foundation of our process is learning our customers needs. We cannot begin the method of building a solution until we have a total understanding of what we are trying to protect. We can then guide our customers through the process of selecting the perfect product or system of products to suit their needs.

Testing and Validation

We are constantly testing our products through developmental stages, and the data provides evidence that our solution will work for the customers needs. The validity of the products and services is extremely important to us, and we will go on-site to provide a testing system and a complete analysis of the data.


After we assess the situation, we develop a series of hand-picked solutions based on our customers needs. We put together tailored solutions based on systems and products that we know can satisfy the need. Each feature of the product solution is then presented in order to give a clear understanding of how the system works.

Customer Satisfaction

We are experts in thermal protection, however, Protek Cargo was originally founded on the concept of providing amazing customer service, and that still remains the backbone of our company today. From our CEO to our hardworking warehouse staff, we all work together to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.