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General Toxicology

General Toxicology

General Toxicology

Toxicology services that facilitate candidate selection & rapid decision making

Sai Life Sciences has delivered a range of toxicology services for over 200 NCEs, and continues to offer integration between discovery and development programs of our clients with our toxicology services.

Why choose Sai?

  • 10-year track record of providing high-quality and high value toxicology support to a broad range of clients.
  • Accreditation from multiple international animal welfare agencies (AAALAC, OLAW and CPCSEA)
  • Complete compliance with internal quality assurance to ensure integrity of our services and animal studies conducted with strict adherence to SOPs
  • Clear and concise reports accompanied by comprehensive raw data customized to client requirements
  • Professional service and international logistical support
  • Flexible and adaptive working style with fast turnaround times
  • Streamlined coordination with Chemistry, Formulation, DMPK and Biology

Customized toxicology studies

We offer discovery non-GLP toxicology services in rodents (rat and mouse) and non- rodents (including dogs). Our toxicology studies are customized to meet our clientsneeds in accordance to the guidelines set out by relevant regulatory authorities. We can identify potential toxicity of an NCE at an early stage of drug discovery, which facilitates candidate selection and rapid decision making for drug development.

  • Acute Toxicity Studies (Rodents and Non-Rodents)
    Single-dose toxicity studies (Acute Toxicity/Maximum Tolerated Dose toxicity) with or without Toxicokinetics.
    Sub-acute Toxicity Study (Rodents and Non-Rodents)
    7/14/28 Day Repeated Dose Toxicity with or without
  • Toxicokinetics study in Rodents (Rats or Mice) and non-Rodents (Dogs)
    Routes of Administration : Oral/Gavage/Parenteral (Intravenous, Intra-peritoneal, Intra-muscular, Subcutaneous, Intradermal, Dermal, etc.)
    Standard Species/Strains : Rat (Wistar, Sprague Dawley)/Mouse (Swiss albino, BALB/c, C57BL/6, etc.)/Dogs (Beagle)

Ethics & responsibility above all

We are committed to conducting animal experiments in an ethical and responsible manner. Our Laboratory Animal Facility is built in compliance with the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), under regulations set down by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, Government of India and has been accredited by AAALAC since February 2011 and OLAW certified from May 2012 for Animal Care and Use program. The state-of-the-art animal facility is designed to conduct all animal experiments using rodents (rats and mice). Animal experimentation protocols are approved and closely monitored by Institutional Animal Ethics Committee. The animal facility has been constructed with conventional as well as Individual Ventilated Cage housing systems, with a total area of 10,000 square feet. It has dedicated HVAC for 10 animal holding rooms, 6 procedural rooms which includes isolated quarantine, surgery, necropsy and formulation preparation areas.

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