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Route Scouting

Route Scouting

Route Scouting

Establishing innovative Route of Synthesis (ROS) from an idea to a sustainable process

We help our customers develop alternate Routes of Synthesis (ROS) along the journey from brainstorming to conducting a techno-commercial evaluation, establishing a proof-of-concept, and finally ensuring sustainability of the process.

Why choose Sai?

  • Experienced and competent team of chemistry talent
  • Successful track record of delivering alternate ROS
  • Hands-on experience at using wide range of chemicals, reagents & catalysts
  • Upfront discussion with scientific team of client on alternate ROS proposed
  • Accelerated pathway to establish proof-of-concept

How does it work?

The team at Sai Life Sciences has a strong track record of helping customers establish innovative alternate ROCs for their compounds.

An engagement typically starts by identifying several concepts based on literature precedence and ideation amongst an experienced chemistry think tank.

These concepts are scrutinized based a comprehensive set of criteria including the potential chemistry challenges, cost and assurance of supply for key raw materials & reagents, operation feasibility / ease of scale-up, complementing technology platforms, HSE assessment, IP status and sustainable costing, to shortlist a set of concepts for evaluation. The shortlisted ROS are then discussed with the client’s technical team with well-documented pros and cons and prioritised for taking up the POC work.

Our team works on a fast track, time-bound POC program providing continuous progress updates to the customer and concluding by making recommendations. The initial screening experiments are carried out in a parallel synthesiser (PolyBLOCK), equipped with independent temperature-controlled blocks of various volumes.

Once the POC phase is concluded the team takes forward phase-appropriate development of the scalable process, to deliver the product as per the timeline.

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