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OHS 100 Advance Overhead Stirrer

OHS 100 Advance Overhead Stirrer

OHS 100 Advance Overhead Stirrer

Overhead Stirrer with 100 Ncm torque, 3.5" TFT display, timer, Wi-Fi and USB connectivity able to stir up to 100 l.

Safety and resistance for your lab

OHS 100 Advance is the VELP high-end overhead stirrer designed to guarantee the highest safety standards.

OHS 100 Advance ensures continuous operation and is backed by 3 Years Warranty extension. 

Best-in-class Stirring Power

The OHS 100 Advance is the ideal solution for demanding applications operating with viscosities up to 70.000 mPa.  
The electronic controlled brushless motor of the OHS 100 Advance stirs up to 100 l (H2O) with a maximum torque of 100 Ncm, and ensures the longest lifespan. 

SpeedServoTM torque compensation technology keeps the speed constant automatically adjusting to viscosity changes. Set the OHS 100 Advance electronic speed control from 30 to 1300 rpm.

Constant torque at any speed

The brushless motor and the microprocessor guarantee excellent performance marking the difference between a conventional overhead and the VELP OHS Series.

The torque is stable throughout the whole speed range, ensuring stirring at maximum torque even at the highest speed.

This is a very important parameter for the reproducibility of your tests.

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