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REC Digital Ceramic Hot Plate

REC Digital Ceramic Hot Plate

REC Digital Ceramic Hot Plate

Laboratory digital heating plate with a ceramic top ensuring high resistance to corrosion, and precise temperature setting.

Advanced Heating performance for your laboratory reactions

REC is equipped with a cutting-edge Heating Plate technology engineered by VELP that ensures temperature homogeneity, thermal efficiency and durable heating performance over time. 

You can rely on the REC for laboratory applications performed at very high temperatures, as the maximum settable temperature of the heating plate is 550 °C.

Thanks to the REC extremely bright and easy-to-read digital display you can constantly monitor the temperature set by turning the handy knob. 

Ease-of-use and safety for lab operators

The hot plate REC ensures a high level of safety and protection for laboratory operators, as it is entirely made with technopolymer and is equipped with an extremely resistant ceramic plate, being ideal for high resistance to acids, bases and solvents. 

A "Hot" surface safety message is displayed when the plate temperature is above 50 °C and the heating function is not active.

The technopolymer structure is carefully designed so that accidental liquid spills cannot reach the electronics. The low-profile design offers outstanding comfort over the bench and inside the laboratory hood.

By using a dampened cloth, all the residues will be easily removed and the REC with its ceramic top plate will be perfectly clean. Always ready for your scheduled laboratory operations.

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