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POLY-AT Discharge gear pumps

POLY-AT Discharge gear pumps

POLY-AT Discharge gear pumps

High efficient discharge gear pumps

The POLY-AT design offers exceptional flexibility when it comes to installations beneath the polymer melting reactor. Customers can choose from three different flange geometries to ensure they are always benefiting from the best combination of reactors and pump flanges from both a technical and economical perspective.

The new gear geometries facilitate differential pressures of up to 320 bar for selected pump sizes. Whats more, the new design is rounded out with the usual variety of different material combinations. The most common of these combinations has to be a stainless-steel or carbon-steel housing with tool steel or aluminium-bronze friction bearings.

Maximum flexibility

SX version:

• Flange geometry integrated in the housing
• Minimal installation space

MX version:

• Blind holes in flange
• Largest possible cross section
• Minimal pressure loss
• Ideally suited for highly viscous polymers

LX version:

• Flange with through holes
• Maximum flexibility for the installation
• Very low pressure loss


  • Lower bearing temperature, leading to lower stress on the polymer
  • Optimised inlet geometry, leading to minimal pressure loss
  • Minimal dwell times of the polymer in the reactor
  • Three different flange types each (EN 1092-1 or ANSI B16.5)
  • Three different pressure versions (200 bar, 250 bar, 320 bar)
  • Larger viscosity range
  • Simplified handling thanks to lower weight
  • Increased throughput of up to 40% without changing the installation size
  • Lower shear
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced heat input
  • Simplified spare part management thanks to the use of identical components for all series

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