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Mayne Pharma invests $65 million to expand manufacturing facility in Greenville, North Carolina

Mayne Pharma



Mayne Pharma invests $65 million to expand manufacturing facility in Greenville, North Carolina


Greenville, North Carolina


Mayne Pharma Group

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$65 million



Mayne Pharma Group Limited announced a US$65 million expansion of its operations in Greenville, NC, USA to support projected growth of US Products and Metrics Contract Services.


The investment will fund a new greenfield 126,000sqft oral-dose commercial manufacturing facility on land owned by the Company and adjacent to its existing facility. The investment will more than double US manufacturing capacity plus repurpose existing space to significantly expand contract analytical and formulation development services capacity.

Construction at the Greenville facility is expected to begin in September 2015 and be operational in 2018.

The new facility will allow Mayne Pharma to expand development, manufacturing and packaging operations for its generic and branded pharmaceutical products, as well as expand its service offering to Metrics Contract Services (MCS) clients by offering downstream commercial manufacturing services. All US distribution will be consolidated to Greenville, including the Montgomery warehouse and distribution of Schedule II (controlled) products, which is currently outsourced.

The expansion includes the introduction of commercial scale capability to manufacture modified-release bead/pellet products. Mayne Pharma currently has seven modified-release products in its pipeline targeting markets with sales greater than US$3.5 billion of which three are filed with the FDA. In addition, significant new capacity will be created to manufacture highly potent products, which require specialised facilities to safely handle them.