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Sangamo Plans For New Headquarters In Brisbane, California

Sangamo Plans For New Headquarters In Brisbane, California


Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. plans for new corporate headquarters at 7000 Marina Boulevard, an 88,000 square foot building at Oyster Point in Brisbane, California, in the heart of the biotech hub south of San Francisco.


In addition to laboratories, workstations and collaboration spaces, Sangamo will construct on-site in Brisbane a state-of-the-art, cGMP manufacturing facility to enable large-scale manufacturing of Sangamo's rapidly expanding pipeline of genomic therapies. Sangamo today separately announced improvements in its manufacturing and product development capabilities.

"Based on the progress we've made this year, our board of directors has encouraged us to be bold in planning for the company's successful future," said Sandy Macrae, CEO of Sangamo. "The new headquarters in Brisbane will provide a more competitive location and workspace, as we recruit the clinical, operational, manufacturing and management talent that we need to achieve our long-term goals. We intend to remain a top employer of scientists in the East Bay and are planning to update our Point Richmond facility as a Research Center for Sangamo."

Occupancy of the Brisbane site is expected in late 2018, after completion of architectural improvements. The Company will retain its Point Richmond location as a Sangamo Research Center.


Name Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc.
Location Brisbane, California
Type New Corporate Headquarters
Construction Area 88,000 Square Foot Building




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