Ampco Pumps Company

Ampco Pumps Company

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AboutAmpco Pumps Company

In 1914, the American Metal Products Company was launched as the result of an innovative discovery of a new bronze alloy. As business grew, the company was renamed AMPCO Metal.

AMPCO Metal initiated a pumps division in 1948 using the metals produced by the parent company to build industrial centrifugal pumps primarily for saltwater applications. The Division was a natural extension of AMPCO Metal’s excellence in products being used for military operations, especially on barges and ships for the United States Navy.

As the company expanded, the Pumps Division was spun off from AMPCO Metals to launch Ampco Pumps – a company committed to excellence in the engineering and production of pumps. In 1995, under new ownership, Ampco Pumps leveraged its pump market and engineering expertise to diversify its product offerings by expanding into the sanitary pump market. The shift in focus resulted in tremendous growth and multiple plant and manufacturing expansions over the next 20 years and continues to drive the company forward.

Over the past decade, Ampco launched a new division, Ampco Applied Products. This Division is focused on creating efficient commercial mixing and blending products built around Ampco’s industry-leading pumps. From powder mixers and shear blenders to dry blenders and powder inducers, the AAP group has introduced products that make hard to handle media easier and more effectively processed