Andrew Alliance

Andrew Alliance

Chemin Grenet 21 1214 Vernier (Geneve) Switzerland

AboutAndrew Alliance

Better Experiments:Better Data, Better Science

Made in Switzerland, best of USA and France.

Andrew Alliance is dedicated to advance science by working with scientists to create a new class of easy-to-use robots and connected devices that take repeatability, performance and efficiency of laboratory experiments to the level required by 21st century biology

Acquisition by Waters Corporation

Andrew Alliance is now part of Waters Corporation, a leading global analytical instrument company headquartered in Milford, MA, USA. Waters sees our cloud-native software platform and modern interface dramatically improving the use of automation technology, enabling users to fully realize the advantages of repeatability and performance for both routine and complex workflows, from sample to result. This enables us to more quickly bring our vision of connected laboratories to life, accelerating the delivery of our innovative software & hardware to all our customers.

Start with meetingcustomer needs,end with customer feedback

We deliver solutions that are focused on customer needs, both today and in the future. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards, using a range of carefully selected, proven, and sustainable technologies, that ensure both high performance and reliability. We actively seek continuous customer feedback, in order to guarantee the best possible design outcomes.