Aquachim JSC

Aquachim JSC

Boulevard "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov" 83, 1582 g.k. Druzhba 1, Sofia

AboutAquachim JSC


AQUAHIM AD guarantees its partners high-quality complex solutions.

We work to enforce European standards in medical-diagnostic, therapeutic approaches and control-analytical activity.

At AQUAHIM, we comply with the priorities of national policies in the fields of industry, healthcare, food and environmental protection. We position high-tech and innovative products, taking into account the expectations and needs of the Bulgarian market.

Our mission is realized by a team of 15 chemists, 10 biologists, 8 doctors, 6 engineers, 3 pharmacists and 12 economists. 7 members of the team have doctoral degrees, and four of them have habilitation.


Guided by the understanding that the main capital of the company is human, we develop the potential of each employee. We include everyone in the process of structuring their individual goals, which are directly related to the Company's achievements. We require everyone to comply with the code of ethics based on international standards and rules for communication both within the company and with external institutions (customers, administration, competition, etc.). We encourage professional growth, creativity and new ideas. We strive to win and be the best.


At AQUAHIM, we set ourselves ambitious goals, to be leaders in the country in areas such as:
• Introduction of new technologies in medical-diagnostic and analytical laboratories;
• Development of scientific projects with implementation of laboratory equipment and analytical methods in the field of environmental protection, water purification, food safety, plant protection and health care;
• Development of the activity of the company's training center and provision of training programs in accordance with the fulfillment of our mission;
• Introduction of innovative therapeutic approaches in various directions.
And we have the will to make progress in realizing them.