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Astro Pak Corporation

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AboutAstro Pak Corporation


At Astro Pak, we believe excellence is an attitude – an attitude that shapes and drives our every behavior as well as thoughts and actions. Coupled with that attitude are an unwavering vision and solid set of values that guide our pursuit of excellence.


For the past 62 years Astro Pak has built its success on a strong foundation of values that instills a unique culture in its team members that sets us apart. Our five values not only define who we are but they also provide clear, memorable and actionable guidance for our path to success as we continue to serve our customers with the highest standard of excellence.


We believe every person is inherently worthy of respect and care. Astro Pak’s work is an opportunity to live this belief and create lasting impact on one another, our families, customers and communities.


Integrity is the foundation that we build on. We believe that trusted relationships are built on honesty, accountability, and an unwavering commitment to good character to provide a high standard of excellence.


We believe every person is uniquely gifted and brings a perspective that can help us succeed. Our success is bound together and when we work together without ego, we are capable of great things.


As problem solvers in cutting-edge industries, our growth comes through learning and innovation. We believe that experts are learners; failure is a growth opportunity; and excellence comes through continuous improvement.


We are at our best when we are operating in our giftedness and equipped for excellence. We believe leadership is about elevating others, and every person has opportunities to lead regardless of position.


Friendly service. Unparalleled expertise. Advanced cleaning processes. Astro Pak.

Originally founded in 1959 by Carl Verheyen and Jim St. Clair during the accelerating space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., Astro Pak bore its roots amid the great space technological rivalry that created vast opportunity for the small precision cleaning contractor. Providing services from the first office in Southern California, Astro Pak secured various approvals to precision clean components and hardware for all major missile manufacturers as well as other aerospace clients, which fueled the firms desire to take their chemically cleaning success from the Aerospace industry into several other sectors.

Years later, Carl’s son, Ken Verheyen, became the CEO of Astro Pak and set his sights on an enormous feat – to guide Astro Pak to a position of industry leadership through delivering excellence. To achieve this, Mr. Verheyen was driven to create a great experience for his employees and customers by providing quality service experience.

Astro Pak has grown considerably over the years, particularly during this last decade. From opening new locations, offering new services and becoming one of the largest and most respected precision cleaning & surface treatment technology contractors in North America, Astro Pak hopes to sustain that growth while never losing sight of our most important purpose – delighting our employees customers through a remarkable excellence.


60 Years of Excellence