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Autoscribe Informatics

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AboutAutoscribe Informatics

Autoscribe Informatics offers industry leading configurable future-proof Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Quality Management Systems that are configured to match user requirements and can easily adapt as needs evolve. Our worldwide team of LIMS, scientific and business software professionals are passionate about delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. We leverage our highly configurable LIMS solutions and our 30+ years of experience to help our customers automate their processes to work more efficiently, provide real cost savings and meet regulatory compliance needs.

Why Autoscribe - We have an enviable track record of delivering flexible long-lasting laboratory informatics solutions, with a real return on investment, to laboratories large and small across a wide range of industries. Our consulting, implementation and support services help customers migrate from legacy or paper systems and incorporate new instrumentation into Matrix Gemini LIMS solutions. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions designed to meet your precise needs. We are always able to offer fast responses, quick decisions and competitive quotations.

A User-Friendly LIMS - Laboratories need to manage large volumes of data including samples, tests, results and associated information according to strict standards. Matrix Gemini LIMS is designed to meet these demanding needs and yet be easily configurable by Autoscribe, or by the user, to keep in step with evolving laboratory needs and working practices. By leading the way in system configuration techniques Autoscribe software solutions can match your exact requirements using graphically based configuration tools, no software programming skills are required. This enables Matrix Gemini LIMS solutions to keep pace with changing business requirements leading to longer system life, lower costs and improved return on investment.