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Modular cleanrooms and cleanroom equipment are crucial for manufacturing, medical and scientific applications requiring a controlled environment free of airborne particles that could potentially damage or contaminate sensitive products such as circuit boards, medical devices and mechanical components. Cleanrooms are designed in various sizes and configurations and are rated based on cleanroom industry ISO 14644-5:2004 standards and Federal Standard 209E.
To maintain a clean and controlled environment, the air inside cleanrooms is filtered to remove dust and other airborne particles. Workers must wear specially designed cleanroom garments including gowns, coveralls, shoe covers, gloves, head coverings and face masks made from non-shedding materials. Cleanroom operations may also involve air showers that use forced air to remove dust, pollen and other contaminants from people and objects prior to entering the sterile room.

Types of Cleanrooms and Cleanroom Equipment

There are various types of modular cleanroom configurations and cleanroom equipment available to create the required controlled environment for your intended application.

Softwall and Modular Cleanrooms

Modular cleanrooms are a versatile option that can be designed in various shapes and sizes and are relatively easy to assemble, disassemble, or reconfigure and modify as needed.  The option of hardwall or softwall construction makes modular cleanrooms suitable for a number of applications requiring a controlled environment, including portable operations and expansion of existing cleanroom operations. For more information on the similarites and differences between soft and modular cleanrooms read about ISO cleanrooms.

Pass Thrus 

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Pass-thru cabinets are used to reduce the number of people entering a cleanroom by providing a way to easily pass items in and out of a clean room. They are typically mounted to the floor or wall and be configured with additional components such as HEPA filters and air shower part cleaning and come in various configurations.

Desiccator cabinets 

Desiccator cabinets come in various sizes and feature sealed compartments that contain descants or nitrogen gas and are used to prevent reactions between moisture-sensitive materials and atmospheric humidity.

Fan Filters and Accessories

Other cleanroom equipment includes fan filter units with HEPA or ULPA filters,  and furniture and accessories such as tables, benches, racks, and storage cabinets. To maintain a controlled environment, it is imperative that all equipment, furniture and accessories used in a cleanroom are manufactured from materials that do not shed particles.

Clean Room Classifications

Cleanroom are rated based on the concentration of particles found in the air. Industry standard ISO 14644-5:2004 are used to specify the size and concentration of airborne particles that are acceptable per cubic meter in a cleanroom environment.
The ISO Class for cleanroom industry standards ranges from 1 to 9, with 1 being the cleanest and 9 being the least clean. The Federal Standard ranges from Class I (ISO Class 3) to Class 100,000 (ISO Class 8). Cleanrooms must also undergo regular testing to retain their ratings and ensure they remain in compliance with ISO Cleanroom Standards.

Cleanroom Industries

Clean Air Products provides sterile clean room solutions for manufacturing, medical and pharmaceutical industries including: