Clevertech S.p.A

Clevertech S.p.A

Via G.Brodolini 18/A, Cadelbosco Di Sopra, Emilia-Romagna, 42023

AboutClevertech S.p.A

Clevertech’s mission is to design the future through integration. Clevertech offers its customers the best project management tools in order to provide solutions which meet the needs of an ever-more competitive and demanding market. Our target is to ensure high standards, in terms of quality, reliability and security of our systems. This has been always our approach developed over the years thanks to important partnership with multinational and leading companies.

One of Clevertech's main goals involves offering the best on-site technical support during both the sales and after-sales phase. To meet its goals, Clevertech decided to become a global supplier for its customers all around the world by opening new foreign locations and production sites.

Cleverteh is well aware about the importance of environmental protection. During these years we have been following an internal environmental policy and education too. Everyday operations of material recycling involve the whole company in order to create an shared eco-friendly lifestile.

Clevertech is completely autonomous in terms of energy point of view. The main benefit is a reduced carbon footprint.