Com-Pac International

Com-Pac International

800 West Industrial Park RoadCarbondale, Illinois 62901

AboutCom-Pac International

Com-Pac International is willing to execute mutually agreeable non-disclosure agreements covering customer-unique proprietary products.

Com-Pac International has extensive product development capability, as approximately fifty-percent of product sales is derived from uniquely developed products for specific customer applications. Product development capability extends to design, testing, manufacture and production integration of manufacturing equipment, as well as end-products.

We are able to adjust the configurations of products to comply with your specifications.

Headquarters, manufacturing, testing and shipping are located in Carbondale, Illinois. Various warehousing facilities are available at other nationwide locations.

Com-Pac International has expanded twice in the last four years. The first addition was 10,000 square feet to accommodate additional manufacturing equipment production facilities and for the addition of a six-color, central impression printing press. The second addition was 10,000 square feet to relocate our FDA white room into a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to medical white room products. Future expansion plans call for an adding 10,000 – 15,000 square feet for additional film and reclosable profile extrusion capability to accommodate current growth trends.

Com-Pac International maintains testing data on all products in accordance with customer, FDA and internal policies and procedures. Lot sample testing is conducted in accordance with MIL-STD-105.

As a fully integrated extruder, printer and converter, very few production components are purchased from subcontractors. Certain raw materials such as polymer resin and unique poly films are purchased from outside vendors. Com-Pac International owns all tooling and machinery used in production.

Supplier performance is measured by rating suppliers during periodic site visits by Com-Pac purchasing and Quality Assurance personnel.

Supplier performance is reviewed annually.

Application of supply management consists primarily of supplier certification subject to qualification criteria established by Purchasing and Quality departments.

Com-Pac International has begun ISO 9001 Certification activities. Phase I, Quality Policies, and Phase II, Quality Procedures, have been completed. Work on Phase III, Quality Work Instructions is proceeding.