Stand 63, Capital Hill Commercial Estate, Cnr. K101 & Le Roux Avenue, Midrand -1685, Johannesburg. South Africa


The beginning of C.R.I., since 1961, was a resolute attempt to produce a few irrigation Equipments using the limited facility of an in-house foundry. Now, after five eventful decades, the Founder’s dream has become a reality, a multi-winged organization that produces different varieties of pumps and motors that are engineered to perfection. What made the legendary growth possible is the flawlessly maintained value system of the company. The name C.R.I. itself encapsulates the company’s ethos: “Commitment, Reliability, Innovation” C.R.I. has evolved itself as a key player in the world’s pump industry with an unbeatable presence in fluid management systems. From Pumps, Valves, Pipes, IoT Drives & Controllers, Wires & Cables, to Solar Pumping Systems and Motors, we have meticulously carved every single product involved in fluid management and delivered to our millions of happy customers.

With 9000+ products, we cater to the flow management needs across various industries like Solar, Waste Water, Building, Pharma, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Power, Machine Tool, Paper & Pulp, Mining, Process Industries, Agriculture, Residential, Community Water Supply, Food & Beverage applications. We have a strong foothold in 120+ countries and 15 wholly owned subsidiaries, all of which stand witness to our indomitable spirit to continue to be the leader in the fluid management systems.

The Company always keeps pace with the changing scenario and seldom fails in coming up with outstanding solutions every time. The unerring teamwork, which goes into the manufacture of every product, has brought in impeccable recognition for the company as well as its products worldwide.