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AboutCXV Global

Since 1986, we have been delivering core technology leading solutions in the areas of IT & Real Time Automation, machine vision, digital transformation and resourcing to global customers in high-end R&D & Manufacturing sites. We have achieved many milestones over the last 30 years.

Evolution and Expansion

Before CXV Global, we began life over 30 years ago as three separate brands: Crest Solutions, Xyntek and VistaLink. We started very small but with big ambition. Over the next 30 years, through strategic partnerships we opened multiple offices and grew an extensive customer portfolio.

We made the journey by developing solutions for clients that comprise of manufacturing automation, R&D automation, machine vision & robotics, serialisation, digitisation of R&D and manufacturing and professional and managed services.

Putting our customers at the centre of what we do, investing, and innovating has been key to our success. As we grew it became a natural step to evolve into CXV Global. Now we are a global player at the forefront of numerous high end R&D and manufacturing sites. We work with over 100 blue chip clients across 10 time zones worldwide.

The journey that has led us here has only been possible thanks to our valued customers and partners as well as our 300 dedicated colleagues around the world. We are excited to continue this journey with all of our stakeholders to serve and shape the future of our customers around the globe.