Decade Products

Decade Products

3710 Sysco Court SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512 United States

AboutDecade Products

In a nutshell, Decade Products is family owned and decidedly customer focused. What we do, however, is help manufacturers and growers store, organize, and transport their products better by providing well-engineered, extremely rugged, reusable pallets and bins for a variety of uses.


Our roots run deep. Decade Products blends knowledge, innovation, and a strong focus on customer service through a joint venture with Cascade Engineering, a world leader in plastic injection molding for the automotive, furniture, and bin markets, and Dolav Plastic Products, a globally recognized Israeli firm that specializes in material handling and large structural foam injection molding.


Understanding our customers and anticipating industry needs, trends, and cycles is the foundation of our business. We know that crops won’t wait and a manufacturer’s time is money, so we keep inventory on hand—with no minimum order quantity required. Our commitment to customer service is unmatched.


To bring together knowledge, innovation, and technology to help makers and growers store
and transport their products better and to promote the use of sustainable, reusable products
for the benefit of our customers, our people, and the planet.