Dr. Golik

Dr. Golik

Kibbutz Galuyot 34, Tel Aviv 6655018, Israel

AboutDr. Golik

Dr. Golik was established in 1989 by Dr. Uri Golik, and is the leader in the field of chemical and scientific instrumentation through years of experience.

The company specializes in professional, high-quality scientific solutions and is one of the leaders in the market, in a variety of areas such as analytical and organic chemistry, physical characterization of particles and materials, biochemistry and many additional fields.

Dr. Golik is an authorized and exclusive provider of the world's leading manufacturers in their respective fields and represents:

Agilent, Metrohm, Metrohm Autolab, Metrohm Process Analytics, Buchi, Malvern Panalytical, DropSens, Process, Proveris, NETZSCH, Micromeritics, Formulaction, Martin Christ, Thermo Scientific, KNF, HEL, Adam Equipment, Postnova, Surface Measurement Systems, Sepereco, Questron Technologies, Freeman Technologies, Sigma Laboratory Centrifuges.

As the leading provider of technologies, systems and equipment for laboratories, we are committed to providing and responding to our customers needs with the best professional service. Our customers include leading companies in the market in a wide variety of fields including: Research, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry, minerals, food, electronic and material science, environmental, cosmetics, biotechnology, agrochemical, defense industries, paint and inks, hospitals and public health laboratories, energy and chemical industries.

Our customers enjoy qualitative service, provided by 3 main departments:
Dr. Golik provides its customers with a professional team and reliable service: