Evolved Extraction Solutions 

Evolved Extraction Solutions 

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AboutEvolved Extraction Solutions 

Our Story

Rooted in Canada, Evolved Extraction is proud to serve a marketplace that accepts and incentivises the exploration of cannabis-derived products. We have partnered with leading licensed North American producers to optimize and fuel their extraction process under the guidance of the globe’s most progressive regulating body.

Evolved Performance Promise

We pledge that our product performance will achieve the goals set out together. Informed by an in-depth opportunity analysis and validated by an on-site performance review, we tailor configurations to empower your production aspirations and supply from North America’s largest inventory of extractor parts and consumables.

Our job is only complete once our on-site Performance Review ensures that your solution is able to perform to the results defined by our agreement.

24-Month Warranty

Because of the exceptional reliability our customers have experienced with their EV-MASS Extraction Platforms we are pleased to announce the extension of our warranty to 2 years on the entire EV-MASS product line.

Team Kudos:

A company is only as good as its team, and one way we celebrate this is with our monthly kudos. True to our values we like to keep these fun and uplifting while highlighting well-deserved hard work and examples of our team living our core values.