Fps Food And Pharma Systems Srl

Fps Food And Pharma Systems Srl

Via Vandelli, 20 22100 Como (CO)

AboutFps Food And Pharma Systems Srl

Tailor made solutions: containment & isolation systems and Micronization solutions

FPS is an Italian company specializing in design and production of containment systems, isolation and Micronization solutions for the processing and production of active and sterile pharmaceutical ingredients. It target is the international market of pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic companies, satisfying the growing demand for high quality systems to ensure the protection of processed products, operators and the external environment.

The strength of the company is the production of custom-made machines, infact it does not provide standard solutions but customized solutions, which meet the specific needs of the end user. It analyzes customer requests, their history and experience, builds the project around all this.

With over 20 years of experience on the market and presence in more than 45 countries, it has built around 1,500 systems, offering a wide range of custom-made machines that are the result of years of innovation and continuous technological development. It has more than 100 employees who work with professionalism, passion, commitment and remain open to new ideas to acquire knowledge and face future challenges.