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“We’ve simplified the entire design/build/validate process.” 

‚ÄčThere is a serious global capacity problem facing the world today. Many pharmaceutical companies have lifesaving therapies that they cannot deliver fast enough. G-CON has simplified the entire design/build/validate process via our prefabricated cleanroom infrastructure line so pharmaceutical companies can focus on what really matters, the patient.

Our Story

Since 2009, G-CON has lead the cleanroom industry, fulfilling pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical needs and embracing new trends. G-CON designs, builds and installs prefabricated cleanroom PODs for a variety of dimensions and purposes, from laboratory environments to personalized medicines and even production process platforms.

 As the leader in prefabricated turnkey cleanroom solutions, G-CON PODs represent a significant development in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical production. PODs provide the only system that is readily deployable, flexible, mobile and scalable in the cleanroom market.

‚ÄčOur utmost aspiration in everything we do is getting high quality medicinal therapies to the patient as efficiently and as fast as we can. We are passionate about our PODs because we are providing a supply source for the needed therapies faster than anybody else and with much better quality. Our team knows that meeting deadlines could save a child’s life. This is proven when an innovative company tells us they are 9 months ahead of their production plan due to our PODs and that the ultimate outcome of that was lives being saved 9 months earlier. This example is just one of many we have experienced, but is an example that in everything we do, no matter how insignificant it seems, – we are saving lives by completing it with skill and diligence.

To save patient’s lives by abbreviating the design, build and delivery time of cleanrooms for pharmaceutical products by providing prefabricated and prequalified cleanroom units called PODs®.

Our Mission:

To innovate, design and manufacture prefabricated cleanroom units timely and efficiently off-site and to introduce these prequalified systems into the customer site quickly without significant resources and on-site interruptions in order to get needed medicines to patients. To respond to customer requirements with speed, diligence and dedication, thereby achieving the best possible cleanroom solution with the most attractive total cost of ownership to enable affordable treatments for every patient. To form alliances and partnerships that add value for our customers. Such value may be shorter time-to-run facilities, turnkey solutions, scalable cleanroom space without interruption of existing processes and/or extended usable life of our cleanroom product to empower supply assurance for the patient.

Our Values:

Focus: we focus on the patient as this is our ultimate customer. In addition, we focus on excelling in our work and deliverables. We strive to create cost efficient and flexible solutions for the industry so that affordable medicinal drug products of the highest quality can be provided to a global patient base.
Integrity: we believe that integrity of the highest standard is critical in every facet of our business. Our customers trust us with their requirements. We work relentlessly to fulfill those needs while employing the highest ethical and quality standards, always with the patient in mind.

Team: we work as a cohesive team, not just between our leadership and our team members within our company, but together with our customers. Their tasks are our tasks. Their goals are our goals. And their success is our success. We recognize that true success can only be achieved as a team, utilizing each member’s unique core competences together to achieve the final result – saving patients.

G-CON is a biocapacity provider enabling the speed and delivery time of biopharmaceutical products. G-CON delivers complete, prefabricated biopharmaceutical cleanroom environments for uses ranging from laboratory to personalized medicine and production process platforms. Through standardization, quality and built-off-site” streamlined processes, PODs surpass other traditional and modular structures by offering the industrys highest standards when it comes to prefabricated and prequalified cleanroom structures.  


Podular, prefabricated designs allow for rapid supply of capacity demands.POD based facilities can be erected in as little as 6 months.


PODs allow customers to ramp-up quickly if drug demand increases and keep current processes running when new units are moved in place for scale up.


Customers usingPODs immediately realizefinancial benefits with predictable timelines, known materials and cost items and elimination of interruptions. 

The POD concept was selected for it "fit" our purpose and the company was a true partner. [We] only have had excellent support [and] the POD concept allowed us to get into conceptual, testing, and development very quickly. The excellent integration of the POD, process equipment and outside facility was the key to success."