GBA Group

GBA Group

Goldtschmidtstraße 521073 Hamburg

AboutGBA Group

The GBA Group is one of the leading laboratory and consulting service providers in Europe. Our core competencies: environmental, food and pharmaceutical analysis.

The GBA Group is growing continuously. Currently we are represented at 39 locations. Chemists, food chemists and chemical engineers, biologists and bioengineers as well as pharmaceutical scientists and other fields, deliver excellent quality for our customers. Currently over 2.000 employees work for the GBA Group.

All of them are committed to the high standards of providing comprehensive and accurate analysis and the best possible service. Project managers and account managers advise their clients individually and are always in dialogue with them. Every step from sampling to the interpretation of the analysis results is transparent and comprehensible.

For us, growth also means constantly improving our services for our customers. Many years of experience combined with regular training of employees, constant investment in the latest technology and the best standard in analysis methods - the GBA Group stands for efficiency and the highest quality of analysis.


Code of Conduct

With this Code of Conduct, the GBA Group sets itself a binding standard of conduct for all managers and employees. Together with GBA Group's Compliance Management Policy, the Code of Conduct forms the basis of GBA Group's compliance management system.