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Anyone can mix, but if you want to blend, you GEMCO.

GEMCO has always been a family owned business, with family values, and so we don’t like to brag about ourselves. We’ll let the fact that we have an installed base of thousands of powder blending and drying units in 37 countries around the world speak for itself.
We’ve built our company’s culture around innovation. GEMCO clients value that we engineer and construct superior equipment that enables their production processes to run faster, cleaner and more efficiently.

Let’s face it: Anyone can sell you powder blending and drying equipment. They may even say theirs can perform just as well as GEMCO’s. But they can’t match our tried and true, heavy-duty design, which we’ve developed through years of engineering experience and innovation.
What others may offer you may look like a GEMCO. But don’t find out the hard way – for instance, when our competitor’s drive shaft over-torques, cracks the vessel, and shuts the production line down for weeks for repairs – that you should have bought a GEMCO.

GEMCO invests continually in research and development – conducted right here at our Middlesex, NJ, facilities. This means you can get the latest innovations - by upgrading with a retrofit - without having to purchase new equipment after your initial investment.  GEMCO equipment does not become obsolete.

Corporate Milestones

The General Machine Company of New Jersey (a name later shortened to GEMCO) began operations in 1916 as a general machine shop to the growing industry around Newark, NJ. During the First World War, DuPont, then a major contractor to the US Military, sought a faster and safer way to produce gunpowder. Out of this project the double cone blender was born. 

 After the war’s conclusion, the growing automobile industry created additional opportunities for theblender in producing custom pigments for automobile manufacturers. Ultimately, circa 1935, the double cone tumble blender was issued its original patent.

The unique concept of the tumble blender created a demand such that it blossomed into a product line that ended GEMCO’s days as a job shop. Product development followed customer’s needs and requests; truly implementing the "innovation circle". Today, nearly 30 different industries utilize GEMCO’s equipment.

GEMCO has been providing best-in-class tumble mixing and drying solutions since 1916.

A 4th generation family-owned industrial manufacturer, GEMCO has engineered, produced and installed thousands of mixers and dryers worldwide and maintains the largest tumble mixing and drying technology center on the planet.

Increase time, manpower safety, production efficiency, and more.