Kärrastrandvägen 125A451 76 Uddevalla, Sweden


Graniten is a global provider of machine solutions to the pharmaceutical manufacturing and healthcare automation sector. We have built turn-key solutions since 1992 and today we offer products ranging all the way from custom innovations to full-scale production equipment. Global pharmaceutical companies and healthcare suppliers are the testimony to our exceptional service. At Graniten, our core purpose is to empower our customers and help them improve their production and workflow to continuously improve patient care and security.

We are focused on becoming a business leader in technical solutions & innovations within the scope of manufacturing and engineering. Thus, we continue to stay true to our core values without compromise to achieve:

  1. Staying ahead of industry challenges and customer needs and creating user-centric solutions;
  2. Leveraging creativity and implementing new innovative technologies;
  3. Limiting environmental impacts through optimization, sustainability, and small footprint products.