Immagina Biotechnology S.r.l.

Immagina Biotechnology S.r.l.

Via Sommarive 18, 38123 Trento, Italy

AboutImmagina Biotechnology S.r.l.

IMMAGINA Biotechnology has been operating since 2016 as a research-driven SME business operating in the sector of Genomics, Proteomics, and Enabling Technology.

As “The ribosome company” we develop sophisticated tools to capture ribosomes in an active state and characterize their components. Our unique technologies are first-in-class systems allowing for simultaneous measurement of newly synthesized proteins and the RNA template from which they are produced, and delivering the highest level of correlation between gene expression and the proteome. The present platform includes IP covering our technologies and is dedicated to research-use-only (RUO) products with the potential to accelerate the path toward the discovery of novel therapeutic strategies in cancer, other human diseases, and congenital disorders.

IMMAGINA is expected to fully underpin the immense diagnostic potential of a recently developed product portfolio for better decisions in precision medicine and better health.


Our mission is to empower scientists to discover the mechanisms of translational control involved in many diseases and encrypted into ribosomes, bringing to the market breakthrough solutions to solve scientist and patients needs. We can do that thanks to a hybrid business model that embraces both business and sales expansion and a strong clinical diagnostic development.


We design technologies that enable isolation and analysis of active ribosomes and associated RNA molecules. Our solutions focus on accuracy and simplicity so that researchers can implement their own ribosome profiling and translatome studies regardless of their RNA translation expertise.


Our vision is to forge a path to increased understanding of how the ribosomal machine, translational control and the translatome impact disease pathways, ultimately yielding new products and biomarker targets for disease therapies.