J.F.K Drive, Bluebell, Dublin, D12 FP79, Ireland


At Lennox, we are dedicated to delivering best-in-class scientific, manufacturing, production and laboratory solutions by combining 100 years of experience with the latest technical expertise.

An Irish company with a proud history, Lennox is a team of problem-solvers. We know that, in order to succeed, our customers need an end-to-end service which maximises efficiencies and streamlines operations.

With a diverse team made up of scientists, engineers and project managers, we leverage our collective knowledge, agility and scale to deliver efficiency, innovation and assured outcomes.

As leaders in our industry, we are constantly evolving our services to support and drive our customers’ technological and scientific innovations. From preventative maintenance to remote calibration, single use systems to PPE, we make sure you have what you need, when you need it.  

We work with customers operating across sectors in Ireland including pharma, bioprocessing, food and beverage, medical devices, higher education, agri-business, life science, R&D, hospitals, biotechnology and independent laboratories. 

Our core areas: 

  • Consumables
  • Equipment 
  • Instrumentation
  • Chemicals
  • Single Use Systems and Fluid Technology
  • Tecnical Services (IE validation; calibration; IQOQ. PM CM)
  • Third party procurement 
  • PPE
  • Bespoke solutions including consultancy and new lab set-up