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GMP Supplement Manufacturer with FDA Compliance

Matsun Nutrition is a GMP supplement manufacturer with full FDA compliance. We are one of the best supplement manufacturers in the USA when it comes to liquid vitamins and liquid supplements. FDA and cGMP compliance assure our customers that we meet the highest standards for safety and quality for our GMP private label supplements and liquid vitamins. The advanced quality control systems at Matsun Nutrition help to make Matsun Nutrition the most advanced liquid vitamin manufacturer in the United States.

As a private label GMP supplement manufacturer, Matsun Nutrition manufactures liquid vitamins and liquid health supplements for partners worldwide. The quality control and care that goes into each of our supplmenets far exceed that of the nutraceutical industry and liquid manufacturing industry standards. We go above and beyond what is required by the FDA and state governments to ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

GMP Private Label Supplements Compliance and Quality Control

Matsun Nutrition is also a cGMP contract manufacturer. As a GMP supplement manufacturer, our qualified technicians are very diligent in their efforts to support the quality goals of Matsun Nutrition. We have instituted strict compliance procedures which are necessary in order to maintain consistently excellent liquid vitamins and supplements. GMP private label supplements compliance is one of our top priorities.

We invite you to visit our supplement production facility and to take a tour of our Mesquite, Nevada location. You will be able to compare our contract manufacturing systems, processes, and procedures of a GMP supplement manufacturer to other non-certified companies in the industry. Matsun Nutrition conducts semi-annual third party inspections by three separate agencies and organizations as well as periodic internal audits to ensure strict compliance of all quality control policies and cGMP standard operating procedures. Rest assured that you have found the highest quality in liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturers.

Matsun Nutrition is the best private label GMP supplement manufacturer with FDA compliance. We meet or exceed all government regulations.