MedPharm Ltd.

MedPharm Ltd.

50 Occam Rd, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7AB,

AboutMedPharm Ltd.

From its roots at King’s College London, MedPharm has grown into a thriving organization with facilities in Guildford, UK and Durham, North Carolina. Providing services from API to clinical batch supply, MedPharm is a well-established, and world-renowned leader in dermatological, nail, eye, airway, mucosal membrane and transdermal product development.

Clients from all over the globe have been successful using formulation development programs that are based on our pillars of scientific integrity, innovation and rigour. The vast formulation and product development experience, offered by MedPharm’s experts, has contributed to the development and approval of 55 marketed products for clients around the globe, including the US, Europe and Japan.

MedPharm supports clients in mitigating development risks, creating data packages more likely to attract investors and support submissions that inspire regulators’ confidence. We leverage our 20 years of industry experience to provide innovative and trusted guidance to clients, which helps to secure their return on investment.

Pioneering research is fundamental to what we do here at MedPharm. With highly automated processes and proprietary technology, we are changing the way our industry looks at topical formulation development.  

This approach to projects means that we are constantly looking for opportunities to develop new formulation and drug delivery technologies. These proprietary tools, such as MedSpray®, enhance clients’ products, provide clinical benefits for patients and meet the increasingly stringent requirements of regulatory authorities.