Munro Instruments

Munro Instruments

Burnt Mill, Elizabeth Way Harlow, Essex, CM20 2HU UK 44-45, UK.

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MUNRO- Laboratory Equipment UK

Established in 1864, MUNRO has been developing, manufacturing, and supplying scientific equipment to over 70 countries worldwide. MUNRO quality management systems meet and exceed many worldwide and country standards. Our expertise in the supply of scientific products is backed by our qualified design, build and customer service teams.

Our warehouses are extensively stocked for immediate delivery. We offer a wide variety of over 3,000 quality Laboratory Equipment, unmatched customer service, and provide a unique level of after-sales support and maintenance advice.

The MUNRO History - About Munro -Laboratory Equipment

Munro Instruments manufactures specialist scientific equipment and instrumentation.

Founded in 1864 the company is recognised.

Worldwide for its innovative spirit and exceptional versatility.

MUNRO SCIENTIFIC is a British company that markets thousands of laboratory equipment and devices to countries around the world.